Saturday, September 26, 2009


my locker smelled like ham and bananas. It stinks. literally.

the problem.

So, me and pebbles were talking and she says "here's a funny quote. "the problem is not the problem. Your attitude about the problem is the problem" ." So I'm like "uuuuummmmm......"
and pebbles says it again and then says "got it?" so I say "no. Wait! wait wait, I'm thinking, thinking.........." then I pause, then say
" but isn't the problem still a problem because it's a problem??" and we both start cracking up. Pebbles kept trying to explain it to herself and me, but it was no use. We were both already laughing too hard.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just to let you people know (in case you didn't) On the side bar (The one that the pool is always in)
Has more than polls and videos. It also has uesless knowledge,the weather, and other stuff.

the scented locker

So, at school I have locker # 34.
On the first day of school, I had my gum in my locker. Later my locker smelled like mint.
a few days later I had an orange in my lunch box. My locker smelled like oranges.
Later I had a blueberry gronola bar in locker #34. My locker smelled like blueberries.
Then, today it smelled like bananas.
My locker smells like something different every day.
A few days ago I said to my friend (who has a locker next to mine) "It smells like oranges. And it doesn't smell very good to me anymore" And she says "well, I like it from here" That just shows how strong the smell is.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


So, right now, I'm doing two soccer teams. On the school team we lost our 1st game 16-o, the second 11-1, the third 13-o. It stinks. But whatever. On the other team we're doing better.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the can-can and paper plates.

So, on the first day of school, the whole jr, high @ my school went to the autotorium for this beginning of the year stuff like, get to know the teachers, learning things, uniform fashion show , ect,. Then, the social studies teacher put on the instrumental for the can-can and the teachers handed every body 2 paper plates (one for each hand.). Then, the LA teacher got up on stageand did this really random dance that we were supposed to copy (with the paper plates). It was really weird and everyone was cracking up.

Friday, September 4, 2009

slug infested log

I was up @ my cabin for a weekend and we were playing king of the log (aka: a game where your opponent off the log with a pillow). Unfortunetly, the log was full of slimey white slugs that we had to keep flicking off. (Before then I didn't know that slugs actually left a trail of slime-goo stuff behind them) It was really gross.

Greman resturant.

so, a few years ago, me, my sisters, my sister's friends, and their pasrents and my friend and their younger sisters (and parents) were @ a greman resturant for dinner. so we ordered dinner, had sword fights with the little swords that came in drinks, drank root beer, ect,ect,ect.................... FOR 4 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is WAY to long to wait for burnt bratwurst. we could have driven up to my cabin in that time. so we left. and didn't ever want to go back