Monday, April 27, 2009

Cartoon to life!!

Kk, so, you know how in lots of old cartoons, whenever a character sits down in a fold-up chair, it folds up and they get stuck right? Then listen to this!Last week I was sitting on my porch with a book and some OJ. I sat down in the orange & white-striped lawn chair and began to read. Then the chair started to slowly fold until I was squished in it like a sandwich. And I'll also took me quite a few minuets to get out. I then had to spend another 5 minuets fixing it before I could sit down and continue reading.

Green Tip: This summer, plant your own garden or something and grow something you like.
(I do tomatoes! Yum!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


If you have ever read or at least looked at a World Records book, you would notice that at least half of them are pointless. You'd see things like fastest time to swim a 100 yd butterfly and then you's find things like the largest collection of rubber duckies. Sometimes, I wonder why someone would want a record for things like the most toes/fingers on them and the longest fingernails. Why do people enter things like that?? I am going to finish this post with a few records I find intersting/ wierd.

Longest word in the English language consisting strictly of alternating consonants and vowels:

Honorificabilitudinitatibus meaning: "with honorableness" - nonsense word from medieval literature

Longest hot dog: 34 ft. 5.25 in. Fastest Furniture: 87 mph. Greatest distance traveled on a pogo stick: 23.11 miles

Longest human domino chain: 9,234 people, 2.6 miles

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Order in the court!!!

Today at recess there was an argument between this girl and this guy. It went something like this. The girl had hit him between classes, and the guy did not hit her back but stole her headband. So, during lunch (right before recess) the girl called one of my friends to be her "lawyer" and wanted to go to court. The boy got one of his friends, and both got witnesses and it began. Then at recess, the "judge" and the "jury" which consisted of me, and another girl and boy. Then half of the people in the 6th grade took sides and the court started again. The guy's and girl's "lawyers" began calling witnesses and soon everyone was shouting. Using one of the "jury's" metal lunchbox as the hammer thingey, the "judge" tried to bring order to the "court" then the teacher blew the wistle and recess was over, thank goodness. Then, right before we went inside another boy came up to me and said " I want to set up a trial between me" and then he said this other guy's name. Oh. No.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, a friend of mine told me to do a post on the fort we made some, lets see, uhh, 3 years ago. Well, we were up at my cabin one summer, I had already made a fort, but it had fallen down, so we decided to make it again. we started with a few boards and a rotten log and leaned them up against a tree. then we used some thin yarn of mine to make shure they stayed there. Then, we leaned other random boards against our shack-like structure to fill in the gaps on the side and found a mini green lawn chair to squeeze inside. Then, we ran into a problem. The roof was filled with holes. Our solution was this: go down to the lake and find a lot of big, heavy, rocks and haul them back up into the woods to cover up all the holes. Now when we look back at the picture we took of it, we always start laughing because the hole thing looks like it would fall down on us, heavy rocks and all. Te he. Of course, the forts have gotten better over the years, and last year we had a roof, (somewhat) sturdy walls and a floor, and...... no giant rocks waiting to fall on our heads!!

How's that?


Sometimes, I just don't get how some things work, and sometimes, it's just plain cool. Take the ipod. So there is this thing, smaller than your hand, with a screen several buttons with the ability to hold hundreds of songs, play movies, and play games. How weird is that? I know there is this chip inside it, but seroiusly, that little chip can do so much! Then there's the wireless phone, robots, space shuttles, and all this other stuff. It's amazing!

Monday, April 20, 2009

super hero

A few posts ago, I said I has to make my own superhero for homework. Well. It ended up being a girl called Tsunami, with the powers to fly, read minds, and have any type of weather shoot out of her hands. The guy I sit next to in class did a sumo pig, with the power to eat anything. Another did Book boy, with the power to bore people to sleep, and another did table man, with the power to change into any table. The last guy even made a theme song, which goes as follows : ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta table man! fighting crime, one step at a time! ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch chair man! the faithful sidekick of table man!! It's odd. Even the teachers laugh at it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Travel week

Travel week (when the 8th graders go to DC and the 7th graders go to Wolf Ridge and most of the teachers go with them) is over as of last Friday. It was fun though. We go to watch Bolt and have pop and pretzels with that, watch a movie in music, have a all 6th grade capture the flag tourament, have only two short homework assignments, go to a play, go to chipotle, and have lots more gym time.


I was thinking of the meaning of the term "nothing" in the car for some unknown reason. Anyways, several questions came to mind. One, what color is nothing?? It could not just be a plain white field as far as you can see because white is a color and a color is something. It could not just be a bunch of air, because that is something, too. If you think about it, you cannot discribe it without saying something, so that means nothing it something. No, but that doesn't make sense. Well, you get the point.

Green tip: this isn't really for the world, but oh well. Get outside and play if it is nice out there, and enjoy the world we have!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So today I was getting a glass of orange juice (Iknow, random, but it eventually connects to every thing else). I balenced the carton on top of my head while I went to get a cup. Then, when I was ready to pour it, I forgot where it was. Luckily it fell off of my head then, so I got my orange juice.
That brought me to the question. Where would we be without memory?? If we did not have the ability to remember things, we would fail all of our tests, wouldn't be able to remember what we learned. And, if you bring It back far enough, we wouldn't even remember to make fire, cook, play Monopoly, people would have never figured out how to make another car. Just think. Humans would be nowhere right now without memory.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Tommorow I have to go back to school. My break is over. On the bright side-1/2 of the teachers will be gone so I have less classes (!).


So, today I went to the Macy's flower Show with my grandma, mom, and 3 sisters. It was a very pretty display. Then, after we ate, we had to go down, but not by the elavator! We took the esclator. we had to go down 12 of them. At the ends (you know, where it goes flat again) and me and my sister (from the last post) tried to walk up (but failed). It was soo much fun!
TIP: if you need to get to the 12th floor of a department store fast, don't use the esclator!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My sister's Request

Okay, so my sister insisted that I do a post on all the worderful things she got for her birthday. To tell the truth, she was a bit spoiled (she admitted it to). Now I will start a list with her assistance.
(Deep breath) A bank shapped like a buddah, puzzlebits, a ball, a stuffed Rabit by the name of Edward, Flippers, a "shammy" (Water-proof towel), wristband maker, egg decorating set, 2 goldfish, a vest, a jean jacket, two target giftcards, a cool pen, an easer shaped like some milk, a gift card to petco, hairstuff........I can't think of what else right now. She had her birthday party @ the Grand Rio waterpark with for of her friends. Oh and I must add..........All her cakes were very good. I have been eating pieces for afternoon and bedtime snacks. (Whew!)

Green Tip: Go around the block and pick up all the trash you see.

Random Green Facts: 1 : People have started to make paper out of elephant poop.
2 : People have also started to use juice boxes, thick wrappers, pop boxes, ect. to make purses and other stuff

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday I went shopping @ the mall with my mom. As we were walking, we passed a store that sold REALLY big bean bag chairs in all sorts of colors. Even the guy working there was lounging in one. For the first time, I noticed how many places you can buy shoes. It's kinda annoying. How many shoe stores do you need in one buliding?!! We also had to walk through "Nickeloden Universe" and we watched some people ride on Rock Bottom. The one that starts off going 90 degrees up the down and all those crazy loops and stuff. They were screaming their heads off.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Bandit is my dog, a Boston Terrier and is very lazy and sleepy, but also likes to play. His ears always perk up when my dad says "why don't you take Bandit for a walk" and he loves to chew the bones off of his toys (and then hiding them under my bed on in my closet). Bandit also has really big, googily eyes and does not like to go swimming, but enjoys sitting in the sun.

Green tip: take a shorter shower to save water.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pop quiz!!!!

Here are some random questions, if you know please comment along with the number of the question.
Note: I know the answer to all of these, and will put a"correct" or "incorrect" next to your answers"

#1 : What type of wood is Pinnochio made out of ?

#2 : What is the definition of "dendrochronology"?

#3 : Of the many battles between aichnet Greece and Persia, which one did the Greeks lose??

#4 : What color are tomatoes?

#5 : Name the 3 types of particles inside an atom.

# 6 : What element has the atomic number of 26?

#7 : In greek mythology, who is the god of wine? Love and beauty?

How many con You answer??

Tiki Torch.

Does anybody know why Tiki Torches are called Tiki Torches?? I mean, they don't have faces, like Tikis do.


Wow that last post was long.

Random fact: each week, my 4th grade teacher had us do the WOW (Word of the Week) where we had to find it's definition.


I don't really know waht to write about now, so I will write about a dream I had some, what, 2 years ago? So it starts out at school.But, in the dream, my school was a little messed up. Our cafiteria, was sort of like a meeting place, with high-tech computers, models, and of course a giant screen on the back wall, like in lots of movies. Apperently, my school was at war with another, over, who knows what. We were eating lunch when the principal showed up on the screen. Except, he didn't look like a principal, because he wasn't wearing a shirt and tie, but a general's uniform. He told us the other school was attacking and we needed to get ready because they were flying over here in their planes ( which didn't make much sense because they were stationed on the otherisde of the road). My friend (pebbles) couldn't find anything that would do anything good, so she grabbed a orange water-gun. This guy sitting at the table across from us grabbed an old was war cannon from several hundred years ago. We went went out onto the "school" parking lot, which strangely was covered in lush, green grass, pink flowers, and whate bunny rabbits that looked like they had jumped out of a magician's hat. Then the guy with the cannon pulled the trigger, and the cannon ball flew off into the fields (KA-BOOM!). There was the other school's army, huddeled behind the remains of the scenery. Then pebbles squirted him with her water gun. "Why did ya have to do that!" " you wanted to know where they were, didn't you?" "not really" ahe said, and squirted him again. Then I woke up.

Green tip: if you and your friend are doing something together-carpool to save gas.


Monday, April 6, 2009



Saturday, April 4, 2009


So, yesterday @ school we had to do skits after stories from greek mythology. I had the story of king midas, which goes like this. King Midas helps the father of Dyinisis (sorry 4 the misspelling) (god of wine) so he grants the king one wish. He foolishly wishes that everything he touched turned to gold, unfortuneitly this included his food, so he askes Dyonises to take his wish back. There was one group who did the story of pandora, a lady made by the gods to get revenge on this one guy for bring fire to humans. There were two people in that group that had multiple nametags stacked on top of eachother. It was funny because first of all they had the "Hello my name is..." and secondly because they all fell off. Then there was the story of heracules or as we say hercules. As you know he defeated and killed many beasts. They were only a 3 person group, so one person had to be all the monsters. Now, this was very funny because he didn't know what any of the animals were, so he had to ask every single time. Then, "Hercules" pushed the "king" into the guy who was the monsters and they tumbeled to the floor. Everyone started to laugh, incluging the teacher (!) as a few moans came from the pile of people.

Sorry that was so long people!!
Some things are just hard to summarize!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random info

Yahn. I was too tired to think up a title. What to talk about. I'm really excited for my spring break, which starts Saturday. Iron's atomic number is 26 and hydrogen's is one. I made a new poll. Please vote on it. I was able to get my thermos open yesterday. Well, my friend did, but I still had more that 15 min to eat my soup. M&M's are good. Eat muffins. Out.

Green Tip: Save Electricity, It's our responsbility.