Friday, July 30, 2010


For my birthday I got Super Mario Galaxy 2 and it's pretty cool but I die a lot. And I've always wondered why there has to be a space in between 'a' and 'lot'.


today, It is raining.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the orange

So, I think people found oranges before carrots. Think about it, "look at this fruit! It's so orange I think I will call it an orange!" "Look at this, it's orange, but there's already an orange. What should I call it? Pointy? No...". So yeah.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last night I had a dream. In my dream, Professor Snape (from Harry Potter) somehow got my phone number and kept texting me, telling me how much trouble I was in for finding is secret hiding place in the muggle world, which, appearently, is located in the second floor of my school. It was kind of creepy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

long words

Here are some of the longest words in the english language...

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis :a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflamation to the lungs (45 letters)

methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamylserylleucyl phenylalanylalanylglutaminylleucyllysylglutamylarginyl lysylglutamylglycylalanylphenylalanylvalylprolylphenyl alanylvalylthreonylleucylglycylaspartylprolylglycylisol eucylglutamylglutaminylserylleucyllysylisoleucylaspartyl threonylleucylisoleucylglutamylalanylglycylalanylaspartyl alanylleucylglutamylleucylglycylisoleucylprolylphenyl alanylserylaspartylprolylleucylalanylaspartylglycylprolyl threonylisoleucylglutaminylasparaginylalanylthreonylleucyl arginylalanylphenylalanylalanylalanylglycylvalylthreonyl prolylalanylglutaminylcysteinylphenylalanylglutamyl methionylleucylalanylleucylisoleucylarginylglutaminyllysyl histidylprolylthreonylisoleucylprolylisoleucylglycylleucyl leucylmethionyltyrosylalanylasparaginylleucylvalylphenyl alanylasparaginyllysylglycylisoleucylaspartylglutamylphenyl alanyltyrosylalanylglutaminylcysteinylglutamyllysylvalyl glycylvalylaspartylserylvalylleucylvalylalanylaspartylvalyl prolylvalylglutaminylglutamylserylalanylprolylphenylalanyl arginylglutaminylalanylalanylleucylarginylhistidylasparaginyl valylalanylprolylisoleucylphenylalanylisoleucylcysteinyl prolylprolylaspartylalanylaspartylaspartylaspartylleucyl leucylarginylglutaminylisoleucylalanylseryltyrosylglycyl arginylglycyltyrosylthreonyltyrosylleucylleucylserylarginyl alanylglycylvalylthreonylglycylalanylglutamylasparaginyl arginylalanylalanylleucylprolylleucylasparaginylhistidyl leucylvalylalanyllysylleucyllysylglutamyltyrosylasparaginyl alanylalanylprolylprolylleucylglutaminylglycylphenylalanyl glycylisoleucylserylalanylprolylaspartylglutaminylvalyllysyl alanylalanylisoleucylaspartylalanylglycylalanylalanylglycyl alanylisoleucylserylglycylserylalanylisoleucylvalyllysylisol eucylisoleucylglutamylglutaminylhistidylasparaginylisoleucyl glutamylprolylglutamyllysylmethionylleucylalanylalanylleucyl lysylvalylphenylalanylvalylglutaminylprolylmethionyllysyl alanylalanylthreonylarginylserine

(1913 letters) But sadly, this is a name, which isn't exactly a word..., but it's a name of protein and has actually been used in a medica journal.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weird dream

Last night, I had a weird dream. The only problem is, I can't remember it. (Which really bugs me). All I remember is an orange dinosaur.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Muffin Tree

So last time I was @ my cabin, my younger sister and cousin were talking about how awesome it would be if there were muffin trees, where you could just walk outside in the morning, and pick a perfect blueberry muffin off of a tree. I agree. It would be awesome. : )

New backround

There's a new backround. That's it. The title says it all.

Friday, July 23, 2010


So today I was at a water park/ pool with two of my friends. There were these creepy people who kept following us and asking us what our names were and stuff like that. My friends decided to lie about who they are, just for fun. One became Becca, a 14 (going on 15) year old with a boyfriend named Joe, who was in Minnesota to visit her cousins, and the other became Julia, also 14 and going into 9th grade. The first girl is actually 12 and the second 13. I decided not to lie at all. The creepy people believed every word of what my friends said (lies!) and refused to believe that I lived in Minnesota, or that I was 12. I insisted that I knew where I lived, I lived in Minnesota and I know how old I am and that I know my own name (which they didn't really believe either). Isn't it strange they only believed the lies??? Appearently, my friends are better at lying then I am at telling the truth.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

: )

Today i'm pretty happy because I just got a new bike.... but also while I was riding it today I passed my english teacher coming back from some yoga class.... kinda creeped me out because she just smiled and said hi like it wasn't weird at all...

Friday, July 16, 2010

the waffle song

At camp everyone in my cabin kept singing the waffle song...

Do you like waffles?
Yeah we like waffles!
Do you like pancakes?
Yeah we like pancakes!
Do you like french toast?
Yeah we like french toast!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm leaving to camp today, for a week.
And I had really good french toast for breakfast yesterday,
but that was kinda random.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

rubber bands

Today I went to the store and got some animal-shaped rubber bands - a hippo, flamingo, crocodile, elephant another elphant, tiger, sheep, hedgehog and a few others. They're awesome.