Thursday, April 29, 2010

Syrup spiller

So the other day was french toast day at school. Which means syrup. So the french toast was good and then I went to ump the trash on my tray and go out to recess. While I was dumping my tray, somebody spilled syrup on my shoe. Later I had to re-tie my shoe. The syrup had, like, glued the knot together. I had to pick at it to untie it. And then I had to tie my shoe. This involves grabbing the laces. Sticky grossness. If that's a word. And now, 4 days later there is still syrup on my shoe, it still is gross, and it still smells like syrup when I tie my shoe.



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

more mlia

I didn't know what to post about, so here are some more mlia (s)

Today, I wondered if an octopus with one leg would be called a unipus

Today I bumped into the wall and said sorry

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep and I even started counting sheep. I then started imagining the sheep doing things like somersaults and ninja kicks while they were jumping over the fence. It just kept me awake for longer.

Today I got bored so I was looking up weird phobias. When I came across a page about Anatidaephobia, the fear of being watched by a duck, I noticed a rather large add to the left for Aflac Insurance. And the duck was staring right at me

So yeah. That's it.

Monday, April 26, 2010


There is this website called My Life Is Average (MLIA) where people post funny stories. Here is one of my favorites.

"Today I was ironing some cloths. Then I noticed that the ironing board had a wrinkle in it. I laugh at the irony. Then I laugh because "irony" has the word iron in it."

Quote: "I once had a friend he's an insect,
You'd call him "misquito" or "fly",
I wanted to keep him forever,
But suddenly one day he died.

Soup! Soup! He drowned in my bowl of so-o-u-p! Soup! Soup! He drowned in my bowl of soup!


La profesora de espanol

(Bread!)My spanish teacher is sort of weird. She is mad at us for talking most of the time, and the other times she is being weird. She randomly starts singing these spanish songs we learned like "pan!" (Bread!) and "Bistic" (Steak!). They are both really weird songs.

"Pan!" is about these people who go to a mexican restruant but want bread with butter. They demand bread and butter, and the waiter gives them chips and salsa and they say "NO!!! Tenemos hambre. Tenemos much hambre. "
(no! I'm hungry! I'm hungry!)

"Bistic!" is about this wacko frog that wants stake, and dessert and says "YIP!!!".
"bistic! bistic! quiero, quiero! (Steak! Steak! I want, I want)

Here's a line from pan.

Mesera, por favor Waitress, please
yo solo pido pan I only want bread
pido pan com mantequilla. I want bread with butter.

Person 1: What did you get at McDonald's? 5 gallons of grease?
Person 2: No, but close. I got a double cheesseburger, a large fries, and a Mcflurry. It was McAwesome!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kitchen Party!!!

So at wolf ridge there was this thing called KP (Kitchen Party) Where every few days you went to the cafeteria early to serve the food for everybody else and then wash the tables and sweep. Not fun. One time I was serving gravy, and people were getting all mad at me because I was pouring it where they didn't want it. They didn't tell me, so I just poured it on. Then they guy next to me (served veggies) started singing about how "Eating veggies and being nutricious makes you delicious". Then the guy serving salad threw lettuce into the gravy and it got messy and gross.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wolf Ridge

So for the past week I was at Wolf Ridge, the Environmental Learning Center. It was tons of fun. So I guess I'm just going to post stories from there for a while.

Orienteering: I orienteered withthis other girl in my grade. There were 12 points we needed to find with our compass and map. So we punched the starting point stamp into our paper. Then we found one more. That was it. We got Seriously, seriously lost. We outside three of the boundries, I just gave up and wandered our way back. We ran into Wolf Kill Hill, where the wolves drag the roadkill and eat it, Found 2 rivers and a marsh (none of which were on the map) Sat on a rock and looked at the lichen on it, and went up the stairs of health (and Fitness) and through campus. The Stairs of health are also known as the stairs of death. There are 245 of them, winding up the side of a steep hill. NOT FUN. If you people ever go there, hope you don't have to go up the stairs.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thai Food

So yesterday I was over at our friend's house. There are two kids there, about the same age as two of my younger sisters. The older of the two had a neighbor over. Me, my three sisters, the two other girs and their friend (all the kids, our parents were in the basement band-practiceing and the moms were other places) were hungry. So the older girl's friend pulled out her cell phone, and called her family's thai restuant. Fifteen minutes later, her grandma drives up with egg rolls, pa thai, curry, chicken, and these cream filled things. We all had a Thai food picnic without the adults knowing. They didn;t really care. It was good food. Yum.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Spring is here, almost, and there are flowers coming up and leaves on trees for the first time since September. There are also bugs. Bugs bug me. Flys land all over you and your food, bees sting you, ants crawl all over the place, inside and outside. It just so annoying! Misquitos and their bites. Ugh. Too much buzzing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hello kitty guy

So today I (me and my family) were driving through downtown Minneapolis. I was looking out the window, and at all the people walking by in suits and ties. I was sort of bored. Then this other guy walks buy. He was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt, and, a hello kitty belt. It seriously had a big hello kitty face on it. It made me laugh.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wolf Ridge

So, guess what? In 9 days I (and the rest of my grade) get to go to Wolf Ridge (Enviromental Learning Center) For a week! Yeah! We get to do lots of stuff, take classes, get pushed off a cliff (according to older people who have been there) and get plopped in the middle of the forest with a compass and a map and have to find our way back to civilization. Anyways I think it's going to be lots of fun.

Quote: If I have to wait any longer, I might blow up!
Did you blow up yet??

Cow suit.

So today I was at a easter brunch at my grandparent's country club. This little kid group called the Splatter Sisters were performing and this on lady on the Splatter Sisters asked me to dress up like a cow for one of their songs. I said sure, whatever. So she handed me a cow suit, complete with mask-like thing. So I put it on. This one lady tells me I look "udderly riddicilus" (yes, I know it's spelled wrong), I say thanks anyways. The Splatter Sisters introduce my as "Our speical guest, the dancing cow!" So I go up on stage and dance with the band in the cow suit. I felt weird, But whatever.
True story. No joke.

Friday, April 2, 2010

April fool's day joke.

After school yesterday (April fools day) my friend ran up to me and said "Wait, I've gotta pull my exploding pen trick on somebody." So I say okay, but only for a minute, I want to go home. She ran up to this guy and said "Will you open this pen for me?" and handed it to him. He looks at it and shouts "Ahh! It's one of those exploding pens, I'm not falling for that." and throws it to the ground.

friend: What are you talking about?
other guy: "The pen will explode!
friend: no it won't
other guy: Here! Take this end! (gives one end of pen to his friend)
guy's friend: why?
other guy: because we need to open this exploding pen. On the count of three 1, 2, 3... (pen slips out of his hand, doesn't open)
guy's friend: Let's open it. 1...2...3...
BOOM (both jump back shouting "O MY GOSH!")

I was so glad I had stayed that extra minute. It was worth it.

"Tulips are always the first flowers to come up in spring, and the first to be eaten by bunnies."