Saturday, May 30, 2009


Me & pebbles are going to make a video called 3 random things, 2 girls, one video where we are going to do three crazy/random things. The first we filmed a few days ago.
1# : We sang and danced to the banana creme pie song. and threw whipped cream pies @ each other's faces. Song went like this.
There are no bananas in the sky in the sky.
There are no bananas in the sky in the sky.
There's a sun and a moon like a coconut cream pie.
But there are no bananas in the sky in the sky.
#2 Running around in togas re -inacting the mt.vesuvius erruption listening to "how far we've come" The song that goes " I believe the world is burning to the ground, oh whell, I guess, weere gonna find out."

The great Accabado

I got a suggestion to write a post about the great accobado. So, the great accobado got it's name from a word my friend's little sister used to say. One day, I was swinging on the swing set w/ my friend when tis crazy squirrel ran right in front of it and almost got kicked across the lawn. (By now you're probably thinking, What does a crazy grey squirrel have to do with anything? but, it will (well maybe not) make sense in a minute.) So we decided to call it the great accobado.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips from my dog on what to do when you get changed into a dog by a wizard from neptune come to take over with his magical pink umbrella.

Sorry about the long title. Whatever. I need to get this started. I have a paper to write.

#1: Whenever your family is eating, stay under the table to get every food scrap that falls down there. Especially if you have a preschooler in the family. They might feed you a piece of a pancake or something.

#2: I f you sleep in the comfiest bed in the house and you get kicked out of it, sneek in there the next night and snore as loud as you can as to drive them crazy. (Of course, they'll probably kick you out again, but at least you got some enjoyment out of it.)

#3: If someone is not petting you or scratching you and you want them to, walk back and forth under their foot if they are sitting down.

PS: These are all things my dog does daily.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cops and robbers...wait, sorry Hobos.

So, two days ago I want to my friend's house down in Owatonna for a party. We, my sister, 2 of my sister's friends, and two of my friend's cousins decided to play capture the flag. So the game went on. and on. and on. Then my sister went to jail. Now in the jail there was a big rock. My sister got really bored in jail so she started to wack it with another rock to get little chips of granite off. Then, the friends on her team walked onto our side so they could go to jail and wack on the rock, too. Soon all but one person was left not in jail. Their team had been reduced to cave men. How do you get entertainment by hitting one rock with another. I said to them while I was guarding jail "You guys are really wierd." and they reply "We're Hobos!" And then one of them said........."There is this hobo that lives in our alley and his name is frank, but we call him franky for short." So I told her that franky is longer than frank, by one letter. "No! not if you spell it F-R-A-N-K-E-Y! then it's by two letters!" she says back. Then we lost and decided to play cops and robbers. The "hobos" won't play unless it's "cops and hobos." What do you know.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Help! I need more Ideas for posts! If you can, comment a phrase, event, quote, or any other random thing and I will do a post about it/give my opinion.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

GS overnight

Last night (well, the one before the last) me and the rest of my girl scout troop spent the night @ Elk River. It was really fun. We did startipping, soccer, spent 20 min. trying to find the hidden lake,(which turned out to be a chlornated pool called lake Barbra made to look like a beach) and made tacos, pancakes and samores. (Yum)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Science Museum

So, yesterday the whole sixth grade went on a field trip: Overnight @ the Science museum of Minnesota. It was lots of fun. We saw this guy who showed us all the reptiles which included : 2 rattlesnakes, a painted turtle, snapping turtle, this texan turtle, leopard gecko, ghila monster, bull snake (which I got to hold) a black mexican snake, and another snake. My english teacher was freaking out. Then we got to explore the science museum for 2 hours and have a snack (yum). Then we went to bed in the human body exibit and woke up at 6:30 am to get ready for breakfast. Then we watched a cryogenics show where this lady used liquid nitrogen (nitrogen at less than -3oo degrees F. And then wae watched an Omnitheatre movie on the grand canyon.

P.S: I'm sorry if there is a lack of enthusisiam in this post. I stayed up later than I ever have and got roughly 4 hours of sleep.

Science Museum