Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grand slam.

So, last night I went to grand slam w/ my girl scout group. There they had an arcade, mini golf, bumper cars, and laser tag. I will list them then say what happened.

Arcade: Played storm stopper (as usual) and got some prizes.

Bumper cars: Bumper cars (duh!)

Mini golf: I almost got killed 10 times by my friend's golf ball, which she liked to hit R-E-A-L-L-Y hard. Then there was a pond with this huge boat in it and my friend accidently hit her ball onto it.( uh oh).

Laser Tag: We were going to play alone...........but then 9 boys showed up and ruined that. They were shouting "LET'S BEAT THE TEENAGE GIRLS! YEAH!" When the guy running it brought in a crowd of high schoolers-boys and girls. It turned into this ultimate boy vs. girl showdown. Then this one girl goes " If a boy comes up. kick him in the shins as hard as you can." The area was a doubble flored room with re-charge cormers, a base to protect, and lots of black lights and pillars to hide behind. We lost, but it was awesome anyways.