Thursday, August 20, 2009

rain, a flood, and some issues with the car.

So, yesterday I was down in Owatonna again and it was raining like crazy. The streets were flooded and the cars driving through them brought up giant waves that went up, past the curb and onto the grass. When we opened the door to leave the mexican resturant we were eating @, the rain was coming down so hard and fast, someone could walk out for 3 seconds and come back soaked. And, of course, we just happened to be in the lowest part of town, and in some places the water was up to peoples knees. I had the option to go to a fashion show , or go back to my friend's house. I didn't go to the fashion show. so, when we were leaving, we drove through, let's see, 4-5 in of water and the car stopped. Right there. My friend's dad got out and pushed, while my friend got in the driver's seat to try to turn us into a parking spot. It wasn't enough, so then I got out and pushed, too. finally we got it out and waited a long time for it to start again. It didn't. so we called this guy who looked at it and then I left for my friend's house. (in a different car,of course)


  1. my dads car is now trash so we have to get a new one

  2. that stinks. what happened (yes, i know it broke down, but what broke?)

  3. the water got into something than broke it