Thursday, November 18, 2010

super duper frustrating board game

In religion, we had to make board games as a project on the unit we were learning about. I was playing these other people's board game, and it was sooooo frustrating because there were four corners, each with a star or start on it. If you landed on a space with a question on it, if you got the question right, you could move to the next star. But the problem was, if you landed on a star, you had to move back to the one before it. So every time you got a question right, you had to go back, like 10 spaces. So basically you never moved anywhere. And the start/finish was on a star too, and the goal of the game was to go aroundas many times as you could. aka: it had no end. Oh. my. gosh. most. frustrating. game. ever.

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