Saturday, December 11, 2010

super mushroom

Last night i had another weird dream. So it started out at school, and me and my pet rabbit (why a rabbit, i don't know, I don't even own one) were writing a skit in Spanish class. Then it got all twisted and I (and the bunny) was on this grassy cliff overhang, and fell onto another overhang, much lower, rocky, and on it were my Spanish teacher, Luna Lovegood, Olivander, and a few other randoms. I asked Luna how to get off the cliff and she went all creepy and said ''you will never escape if you can't answer the question right before the force field forms, and if you don't you will be trapped forever!" The force field was already forming, and I didn't know the answer, so I was freaking out and then my rabbit turned into a giant mushroom and bounced me up to the top a the cliff. Then i was in my house and i looked out the window and the rest of my family was cross-country skiing down the street.

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