Saturday, April 30, 2011

duck and cover!

In social studies, we were watching cold war atomic bomb emergency procedure videos. This one was my favorite. Burt the Turtle ducks and covers whenever he sees a flash (the first sign of an unwarned bomb. This video made me laugh because it said wherever you are, whatever you're doing, if you see a flash, duck and cover, so you don't get hurt. They have people diving off of couches, bikes, tractors, and against walls, to protect themselves. Just made me laugh. Yep, because laying on the ground will save you. Also, "Cover yourself with a newspaper to avoid getting badly burnt."...anybody else see the slight flaw in that plan...? Then, our teacher decided to have us do our own drill. He flashed the lights, and we all dove off of our chairs, under the tables, and ducked ad covered. In the next class, people were joking around, yelling "DUCK AND COVER!" and stuff like that. One girl was sitting on a table, then somebody must have said duck and cover, (i didn't hear it), but she somehow fell off of the table and ripped the project me and my group were working on, but she ended under the table, "safe" from the bomb. (long post, long video under).

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