Thursday, June 9, 2011


So yesterday I had the hiccups and was looking up possible cures. . .
  • Don't do anything: just wait for the next hiccup
  • Tell yourself "I'm not going to hiccup again"
  • Hyperventilate
  • Sing loud and with heart
  • Put your head on the ground and hold your breath for 10 seconds
  • Swallow 3-6 times without breathing inbetween
  • Say "Pineapple"
  • Repeatedly tell yourself "I am not a fish"
  • Rub your earlobe
  • Jump out of a plane
  • Breath into and out of a paper bag
  • Drink dill pickle juice
  • Eat a marshmallow
  • Do three cartwheels with a jolly rancher in your mouth
Well, I know I'm going to jump out of a plane the next time I have the hiccups (even though it might eliminate my ability to breathe along with my hiccups). But, whatever. I seriously doubt many of these will get rid of my hiccups, it's worth a shot. 

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