Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dance party?

Today at school when I walked into class the speakers were playing Just Dance by Lady Gaga. My teachers were all in the middle of the room dancing. One was doing the robot, and another the disco. When me and some other people walked in, they said, "We're having a dance party, so start dancing!" Nobody did. Then one said, "Oh my I might have to start handing out detentions of you guys aren't dancing. Then there was some dancing. We weren't allowed to sit, because, apparently, you're not allowed to at a dance party. It was really weird. But funny. Like yesterday, when they said that they had to "take a break" and all started singing The Sound of Music's Do Re Mi and harmonizing while we all clapped in unison. "Do. A deer. A female deer. Re. A drop of golden sun . . .". It's a pretty great class. 

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