Saturday, July 11, 2009

Days in History

Hi peoples. So............I found this website called Uncle Woody's almanac and it tells you what happened on some day in history. ( (Uncle
So...........since I didn't have anything to post about I decided to write a few things about what happened on July 11 in history.

1. A Nigerian Airlines jetliner crashes in Saudi Arabia killing all 261 passengers and crew (1991)

2.The US space station Skylab falls out of orbit, making a dazzeling display as it burns up in the earth's atomsphere. (1979)

3.Houston Astros pitcher Nolan Ryan becomes the first player in Major league baseball history to strike out 4,000 opponents during his
career. (1985)

4.President John Adams establishes the US Marine Corps Band.(1798)

Born today............

1. E.B. White -kid's author (1899)

2. John Quincy Adams-6th US president, (1767)

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