Sunday, November 8, 2009


So, for social studies I had to do this project on female soldiers in the civil war. For this project, I had to make a visual aid. This is what I did. I took 2 barbies: one nice one with a pretty dress and and another barbie from, like, five years ago that either me or my sister had tried to put lip gloss on. First, I picked up the lip gloss barbie and gave her a bit of a haircut (okay, a lot of one) so she had short hair. (I was making her look like she was disguised and fighting in the civil war, also, for those of you who haven't tried it, giving a barbie a haircut is tons of fun), next I put her in this prince outfit and gave her a gun I had made out of paper. Later at school my friend gave her sideburns, a mustach, and a beard. She looks really messed up. For the normal barbie, I didn't do anything. (for the comparison and all).

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