Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So. umm. what to say what to say............... oh, yeah so today I saw this squirrell that appearently had gotten it's tail bit off or something because all that was left was a little white puff. It looked kinda funny. Pebble's friend got chased by a squirrell a few times (3?). Then there was the great accobado (see past posts) and one time at camp, I was taking the trash out with this other girl and she lifted the lid off and ran away screaming becuase she said she saw a squirrell there. and would not open it because she was afraid she would be attacked by it. So I went inside, got pebbles and she opened it. There wasn,t a squirrell in there. go figure

"There's a dodo bird in the closet!"

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  1. Lot's of squirrels lived in my backyard in st.paul