Thursday, March 25, 2010

My amazing hat

So I was walking home from school today, and wearing my hat. It's red, yellow, pink, and purple and has 3 spikes on top. it's awesome. Anyways, I was walking and across the street there were two girls skipping and laughing. One of them shouts "HI!" so I say hi back. Then one says "I like your hat" I say "thanks" the other one says "yeah, it's the bomb!" and then the other one says, No, it's DA BOMB!!" then they start laughing and skipping again.


  1. N offense but the people you see on the way home from school are Really Weird

  2. you know, I really didn't notice. I got charged by a poodle yesterday!

  3. Yeah....
    And that weird lady That yelled: "HOWDY!"