Monday, May 18, 2009

Cops and robbers...wait, sorry Hobos.

So, two days ago I want to my friend's house down in Owatonna for a party. We, my sister, 2 of my sister's friends, and two of my friend's cousins decided to play capture the flag. So the game went on. and on. and on. Then my sister went to jail. Now in the jail there was a big rock. My sister got really bored in jail so she started to wack it with another rock to get little chips of granite off. Then, the friends on her team walked onto our side so they could go to jail and wack on the rock, too. Soon all but one person was left not in jail. Their team had been reduced to cave men. How do you get entertainment by hitting one rock with another. I said to them while I was guarding jail "You guys are really wierd." and they reply "We're Hobos!" And then one of them said........."There is this hobo that lives in our alley and his name is frank, but we call him franky for short." So I told her that franky is longer than frank, by one letter. "No! not if you spell it F-R-A-N-K-E-Y! then it's by two letters!" she says back. Then we lost and decided to play cops and robbers. The "hobos" won't play unless it's "cops and hobos." What do you know.


  1. my cousin is still pretending to be a hobo.

  2. don't worry there cavemen days are over.