Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am posting/bloging from mexico!!!! It's awesome!! and warm! and there are palm trees everywhere!! The beach is really nice in Puerta Vallarta, and it's so warm, as I said above. Before I got here I was in Guadalahara for a wedding, and all the trees there were trimmed so they looked square and the walk signs on the side of the street actually walk. Not just stand there. And there were also lots of pretty churches, fountains and statues there.


  1. I'm posting a comment, From Minnesota! It's Awesome! and COLD.
    there are pine trees everywhere!! The snow is really cool in Owatonna, and it's so cold, as I said above. before I got here I was still cold. and all the trees where untrimmed so that they looked like Trees! and stand there. and there is lots of pretty snowstorms, and blizzards!