Thursday, January 21, 2010

pen stealer

So today this guy "borrowed" my pen.. I said he could as long as he gave it back....... but instead of giving it back, he put one of his pens that barely worked back in my bag. I figured it out about 5 min. later. I go up to him and say "I want my pen back" "No" he says and I have to keep following him around saying "I want my pen back, give me my pen back". Finally I was asking for it again in science and pebbles snatched it out of his hand. And after that he still thought I would let him borrow a pen again. "Get your own!" And the whole way through he was trying to give my his pens to make up for the pen he wouldn't give back. It was really frustrating.

It's a barbie with a gun. You BETTER be scared.

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