Sunday, January 24, 2010

slushy slippy ski race+muffin

So today I had a ski race and it was, like, misting the whole time and it was hard to ski. On my slalom race it was really steep and there were lots of turns, that, in my opinion, were way to close together. I was skidding a lot. Then, on giant slalom The course was super weird and curvy but it was kinda fun. Then I took a free run and my chin guard fell off and my helmet, like, came off of my head. And sometimes it got so mist my goggles fogged up and I couldn't see and it got kinda scary.
On Friday I really wanted a muffin for some reason. I don't know why. Then my friend says "OMG I had a craving for a muffin, like, last week!" Then my mom made muffins and I was happy and they tasted good and I ate muffins.