Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Open my thermos!

So today at lunch my mom packed me a thermos full of chicken-noodle-soup. Only one problem. I could not get it open. So I asked all my friends at the table. None of them could do it, so my friend took it over to the boy's table. They come over to my and say "who put this on so tight?!"
"my mom." "wow, she's strong." so then I ask the lunch lady. She couldn't do it either, so she took it over to the head of the cafiteria. Nope. She gives it back to me and says, "sorry, I can't do it". So, my friend takes it from me (again) and over to the 8th grade boy's table. Everyone there tries, thinking they will be able to. Nope. Then the lunch lady comes over again, takes it, and walks into the kitchen. Then, finally, someone in there gets it open. It took 10 minuets. That's way to long to wait for something you already had. Plus, because of the setback, I didn't have time to eat my applesauce!!


  1. wow, that is one tough thermos!

  2. I know! and my mom was just trying to keep it from leaking!

  3. that is so funny :) your stories always make me laugh :)