Monday, March 23, 2009


What to write about.............hmmmmmmm...........choices choices. A ha!

Sticky sitituation: You are lost in Target or whatever and can't find your parents.

Now I dicided to do something that could actually help you in the near future (yay me!). So, what I suggest is either stay put of go somewhere you know your mom/dad/grandpa ect. are. For example, If you know your parent needs to get milk and hasn't yet, you can try to find them there. Or, If you don't want to stay put and you don' t know where they went, go to the toy section. (only @ last resort, though) They will figure you wanted a new toy and went to go look.


  1. I did that in the science museum a year ago... dreadful times.

  2. Yeah, It happened to me at byerleys