Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am really tired and I want to go on city creator so this is going to be a short post. I went to Owatana yesterday to visit some old friend of mine. A few facts about owatama:

1. It is really flat.
2. the houses are really spread out.
3. they have a Mc Donalds, Slumberland Outlet, and a caribu coffee.
4.the waterparks lazyriver is roughly 15m long.
5. I kind of like it.

Green Tip: If you have an old toilet, Ask your parents (unless you are one) If you can get a new one because the newer ones use less water, therefore keeping more clean.


  1. We're so glad you were able to come to Owatonna! Your right it is very flat- and windy. We hope to see you at D'Amico soon!-Michelle

  2. hi,
    I played capture the flag with my dad and grace.
    I won cause of the good hiding place we found!

  3. the place under the house in the rocks??
    that's pretty cool

  4. Grace was sitting next to me when i read your reply about the hidding spot so now she knows

  5. that stinks. hide it in the same spot but in a different spot.(I hope grace is not reading this to.)

  6. she isn't. I'll put it on the side of the house under the house behined a bush

  7. good Idea. Keep her away from these comments