Monday, March 16, 2009


So, as all you people who live in St. Paul know, It was very nice yesterday. I played outside most of the weekend. One thing that I did was through a tennis ball at the roof of my garage, let it roll down, then try to catch it while standing on a hunk of Ice. (The last bit wasn't very helpful.) Another thing I did was make a lever out of a wooden plank and 3 bricks and fling things all over the place (all over the place being in my face and within 3 feet of my contraption). A week ago I was sitting in Lit listening to the teacher talk about the poetry of Robert Frost when this guy raises his hand. Then the teacher calls on him and he says..."this isn't completly off topic" then the teacher says "okay, go ahead" then he says, "Speaking of nature.....the robins are back!" and then points out the window. Then, of course, everyone cracks up and I thought 2 things. One, for the brilliance of it all! (credit 2 pebbles) and secondly, why do I care?? My fingers are now tired so I think I'm going to stop typing now. Bye! (Whew!)

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