Sunday, May 15, 2011


 So, six months ago, I read this post on One Man 1Million Ideas. (6 months ago because they haven't posted since). I kinda liked this one (1 of 2). Everybody walking around in capes. . .
"This idea i had a while ago. I shared it with my friends however I still think this could be a real money maker if done correctly.
Capes! plain and simple. What ever happened to them? nurses used to wear them.. they don't anymore. Imagine the world with people wearing capes. Running to catch the end of the pedestrian crossing light and the cape will fly up. I think it would make the world so much fun.
There are so many options. Winter capes, Summer Capes (towel version), Designer Capes. Uh, its endless. Not to mention DOG CAPES! now this is where i think it gets really financially viable. Dog Capes! the stuff that people spend on their dogs, dog clothes, dog shoes, dog sunglasses! why not dog capes. they would look extremely cute..."

Not crazy about the dog capes but still. . .

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