Wednesday, May 25, 2011

cooties + fire

Today at school, we had to make a list of things we've learned, one for each grade, K-8. So I filled mine up with random things like, "To Read" "Multiplication" "That procrastinating is bad". Other people wrote weird things like "Not to eat the yellow snow" and "How to draw a manatee". One guy at my table said "I need help. What did I learn in 1st and 8th Grade?! Wait! I got it! That girls don't have cooties!". In. . .  1st. . . I. . . learned. . . that. . . girls . . . don't. . .have. . . wait! How do you spell 'cooties'?" I told him. He said, "In. . . 8th. . .grade. . .I. . .learned. . . how . . .to . . .spell. . . cooties.". Overhearing our conversation, a guy at the table next to us said, "Yeah? Well in Kindergarten I learned that you don't catch on fire when you touch a girl". I congratulated him on his discovery.

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