Wednesday, May 4, 2011

no fun

So, we have a long-term sub. in Religion class, and he wants us to do anything but have fun. For example, one day, after they had finished the worksheet we were assigned during class, two people started playing hangman. Our sub came over and said...
"Did you guys finish your worksheet?"
"Ok, then you should be working on other homework"
"But we don't have any. It's only second hour, and we didn't get any English homework"
"Then why don't you read ahead in Literature in Romeo and Juliet?"
"We've both already finished it"
"Why don't you re-read it"
"But we've already re-read it"
"Give me that paper, please" *takes paper, rips it, and throws it away*

See my point. He would rather have had them read Romeo and Juliet for a third time then quietly play hangman. He's taken books away from my and shredded my drawings, which i've worked hard on. It''s ridiculous.

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