Saturday, February 7, 2009

At my school ( also probably in others) the school's lunches can be good or bad. There's not a single meal that everybody eats, nor one that nobody eats. So, it's all balanced. I don't like our school's meatloaf, ommlets, ham & cheese melts, ham and scallopped potatoes, or hamburgers. But that's just me. It's kinda wierd to think what people are eating in other places.

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  1. ya, ive only had one hot lunch at my school and it was okay. most of them are gross tho. one lunch lady is really scary. one time my friend was going to get an orange from the fruit bowl but was trying to find a good one. most of them had like a lump at the end making them look like a pear. we decided there was radioactive waste in it. anyway she was trying to find one that wouldn't kill her. not digging through them but picking up and putting down. the scary lunch lady(sll) was watching her. she had her head propped up on her hand 6 inches away from lili just watching her. she didn't say anything, just stared frowning. CREEPYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!