Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ways to annoy other people and amuse yourself.

There are many ways to do it, I could give you an ongoing list, but since that would take too long, I will just name a few.

#1: People don't like it when there are flies on their head. So I made this track up @ about noon.
Go up to someone and say "There's a fly on your head." or "You have some fuzz in your hair." even if they don't. Then say some thing like "Here, let me get it for you." Then pirtend it won't go off.
(The point of this trick is to get someone to let you continuesly wack them on the head. he he.

#2: Do you ever get those little cards that sing? In this trick what you do is you cut the music- box out of the card and attach it to a door hinge. When anyone opens the door, music will start playing and the won't know where it's coming from! those things have long batteries too.

#3:This trick involves picking an arguement with someone find out some thing they don't like and go against it. Here's an example.

"Chocolate's better than carmel."
"No it isn't!"

then continue this until the person gets really mad.

then say "I won."
then they'll go "how? you didn't and let them continue and just keep answering...
"Because I won."

Green Tip: Homework Kills Trees! ask your teacher to post your homework questions on the internet instead of on worksheets. Save the trees!


  1. u know, u got 2 of those from me, and also i was SO going to do that green tip!

  2. true. that's why we invented the credit thing @ lunch. I'll go put it on. C2P