Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ski club!

So, I had ski club yesterday. Fun fun. Anyways, while I'm skiing I pass this guy from 7th grade then stop to wait for pebbles. Then the 7th grader goes "Hey! You're that Saint Thomas More kid!" The problem with this was that he, also, went to St. Thomas More. I replied "Yeah." then mumbled "apperently, I am." It bugs me when people get my name wrong, or, even worse, little girl. Two times when I went skiing I have been called little girl. The first time: I'm about to go off a big jump
then a snowboarder says to me. "Hey little girl, don't fall!" then I go off the jump, land it perfectly and look back. Religon: "Luchia I like that name" My Thoughts:It's just Lucy. whatever.0

Green tip: REUSE: If you don't have a water bottle, reuse one of those plasitc ones that come in big packs. Keep one to reuse. I have seen pinhead and others do it before.


  1. r u talking about me? cuz if u r then........YES WORLD!! REUSE YOUR PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES! :)

  2. yep! People, listen to the pinhead!