Saturday, February 21, 2009


So today I had skiing and the weather was nice. (I didn't fall either!) On the ski team there are two boys. They are friends, but they try to kill each other. So they were at the top of the hill when one knocks the other over and his ski fell off. The guy who's ski didn't fall off took one of the other guy's skis and skied down the black daimond. The other guy was stuck @ the top of the hill with only one ski while me, my friend, and the guy who had his other ski sat at the bottom laughing. He he. It was really funny. He realised that I was impossible for him to go down on one ski so he took it off and walked down. Mean while at the bottom. The guy who stole the ski carried the ski away from the hill, and stuck it in the ground. When the one- skier got to the bottom he tried to kill his friend. My friend said, Wouldn't that be a great you tube video?


  1. haha thats funny. I love watching other boys fight cuz i know i wont get in trouble, but if girls fight its like u have to take some of the blame too.

  2. every one thinks girls are innocent! It's awesome!