Monday, April 26, 2010

La profesora de espanol

(Bread!)My spanish teacher is sort of weird. She is mad at us for talking most of the time, and the other times she is being weird. She randomly starts singing these spanish songs we learned like "pan!" (Bread!) and "Bistic" (Steak!). They are both really weird songs.

"Pan!" is about these people who go to a mexican restruant but want bread with butter. They demand bread and butter, and the waiter gives them chips and salsa and they say "NO!!! Tenemos hambre. Tenemos much hambre. "
(no! I'm hungry! I'm hungry!)

"Bistic!" is about this wacko frog that wants stake, and dessert and says "YIP!!!".
"bistic! bistic! quiero, quiero! (Steak! Steak! I want, I want)

Here's a line from pan.

Mesera, por favor Waitress, please
yo solo pido pan I only want bread
pido pan com mantequilla. I want bread with butter.

Person 1: What did you get at McDonald's? 5 gallons of grease?
Person 2: No, but close. I got a double cheesseburger, a large fries, and a Mcflurry. It was McAwesome!

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