Friday, April 16, 2010

Wolf Ridge

So for the past week I was at Wolf Ridge, the Environmental Learning Center. It was tons of fun. So I guess I'm just going to post stories from there for a while.

Orienteering: I orienteered withthis other girl in my grade. There were 12 points we needed to find with our compass and map. So we punched the starting point stamp into our paper. Then we found one more. That was it. We got Seriously, seriously lost. We outside three of the boundries, I just gave up and wandered our way back. We ran into Wolf Kill Hill, where the wolves drag the roadkill and eat it, Found 2 rivers and a marsh (none of which were on the map) Sat on a rock and looked at the lichen on it, and went up the stairs of health (and Fitness) and through campus. The Stairs of health are also known as the stairs of death. There are 245 of them, winding up the side of a steep hill. NOT FUN. If you people ever go there, hope you don't have to go up the stairs.


  1. sounds fun. But maybe they should install an elevator

  2. Yes. I agree. At least they have benches on the landings. One girl went up and down 17 times once. Ouch.