Monday, April 26, 2010


There is this website called My Life Is Average (MLIA) where people post funny stories. Here is one of my favorites.

"Today I was ironing some cloths. Then I noticed that the ironing board had a wrinkle in it. I laugh at the irony. Then I laugh because "irony" has the word iron in it."

Quote: "I once had a friend he's an insect,
You'd call him "misquito" or "fly",
I wanted to keep him forever,
But suddenly one day he died.

Soup! Soup! He drowned in my bowl of so-o-u-p! Soup! Soup! He drowned in my bowl of soup!



  1. That life is very below average to notice that there is a wrinkle on the ironing pan.

  2. probably not "my life is average"

  3. Well that's what the website is called