Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was thinking of the meaning of the term "nothing" in the car for some unknown reason. Anyways, several questions came to mind. One, what color is nothing?? It could not just be a plain white field as far as you can see because white is a color and a color is something. It could not just be a bunch of air, because that is something, too. If you think about it, you cannot discribe it without saying something, so that means nothing it something. No, but that doesn't make sense. Well, you get the point.

Green tip: this isn't really for the world, but oh well. Get outside and play if it is nice out there, and enjoy the world we have!!


  1. good point. but nothing still has a name so it should really look like this.......... :

  2. ha that is funny :) I don't like to get into those kinds of conversations in my head. It makes me crazy. Your green tip is so green!! If you're not inside there's probably not a lot of lights on or the tv on or the computer on etc. so yea, you're saving energy!!

  3. nice. I just said that becuz that's what I wanted to be doing.