Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random info

Yahn. I was too tired to think up a title. What to talk about. I'm really excited for my spring break, which starts Saturday. Iron's atomic number is 26 and hydrogen's is one. I made a new poll. Please vote on it. I was able to get my thermos open yesterday. Well, my friend did, but I still had more that 15 min to eat my soup. M&M's are good. Eat muffins. Out.

Green Tip: Save Electricity, It's our responsbility.


  1. yeah, ok I had I title there, I just didn't put much thought into it, okay??

  2. hey, the thing save elctricity it's out responsibility is from daisy and chloe's room and it's also written in chinese. or something that looks like chinese :)

  3. yes, that's where I go tit from. It is also written in chinese, you were right. This was also my first green tip if you look back far enough.