Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, a friend of mine told me to do a post on the fort we made some, lets see, uhh, 3 years ago. Well, we were up at my cabin one summer, I had already made a fort, but it had fallen down, so we decided to make it again. we started with a few boards and a rotten log and leaned them up against a tree. then we used some thin yarn of mine to make shure they stayed there. Then, we leaned other random boards against our shack-like structure to fill in the gaps on the side and found a mini green lawn chair to squeeze inside. Then, we ran into a problem. The roof was filled with holes. Our solution was this: go down to the lake and find a lot of big, heavy, rocks and haul them back up into the woods to cover up all the holes. Now when we look back at the picture we took of it, we always start laughing because the hole thing looks like it would fall down on us, heavy rocks and all. Te he. Of course, the forts have gotten better over the years, and last year we had a roof, (somewhat) sturdy walls and a floor, and...... no giant rocks waiting to fall on our heads!!

How's that?


  1. great, remember that tipi we made at the soccer field that was a success, except the fire place.

  2. yeah, remember dragging all the really long sticks from the other side of the field?? What was wrong with the fire place again?