Sunday, April 12, 2009

My sister's Request

Okay, so my sister insisted that I do a post on all the worderful things she got for her birthday. To tell the truth, she was a bit spoiled (she admitted it to). Now I will start a list with her assistance.
(Deep breath) A bank shapped like a buddah, puzzlebits, a ball, a stuffed Rabit by the name of Edward, Flippers, a "shammy" (Water-proof towel), wristband maker, egg decorating set, 2 goldfish, a vest, a jean jacket, two target giftcards, a cool pen, an easer shaped like some milk, a gift card to petco, hairstuff........I can't think of what else right now. She had her birthday party @ the Grand Rio waterpark with for of her friends. Oh and I must add..........All her cakes were very good. I have been eating pieces for afternoon and bedtime snacks. (Whew!)

Green Tip: Go around the block and pick up all the trash you see.

Random Green Facts: 1 : People have started to make paper out of elephant poop.
2 : People have also started to use juice boxes, thick wrappers, pop boxes, ect. to make purses and other stuff

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