Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Order in the court!!!

Today at recess there was an argument between this girl and this guy. It went something like this. The girl had hit him between classes, and the guy did not hit her back but stole her headband. So, during lunch (right before recess) the girl called one of my friends to be her "lawyer" and wanted to go to court. The boy got one of his friends, and both got witnesses and it began. Then at recess, the "judge" and the "jury" which consisted of me, and another girl and boy. Then half of the people in the 6th grade took sides and the court started again. The guy's and girl's "lawyers" began calling witnesses and soon everyone was shouting. Using one of the "jury's" metal lunchbox as the hammer thingey, the "judge" tried to bring order to the "court" then the teacher blew the wistle and recess was over, thank goodness. Then, right before we went inside another boy came up to me and said " I want to set up a trial between me" and then he said this other guy's name. Oh. No.

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