Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pop quiz!!!!

Here are some random questions, if you know please comment along with the number of the question.
Note: I know the answer to all of these, and will put a"correct" or "incorrect" next to your answers"

#1 : What type of wood is Pinnochio made out of ?

#2 : What is the definition of "dendrochronology"?

#3 : Of the many battles between aichnet Greece and Persia, which one did the Greeks lose??

#4 : What color are tomatoes?

#5 : Name the 3 types of particles inside an atom.

# 6 : What element has the atomic number of 26?

#7 : In greek mythology, who is the god of wine? Love and beauty?

How many con You answer??


  1. hey banditrocks! I will try to answer as many as I can!!
    3.I think it might have been thermopylae but I am not sure :)
    4.red or orange or yellow
    5.neutrons, protons and electrons
    6. fe: iron
    7.aphrodite love and beauty. dionysus- wine??

  2. 1,2,-incorrect 4 you are missing 1 color 3567- : )

    Who can answer the others?