Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I don't really know waht to write about now, so I will write about a dream I had some, what, 2 years ago? So it starts out at school.But, in the dream, my school was a little messed up. Our cafiteria, was sort of like a meeting place, with high-tech computers, models, and of course a giant screen on the back wall, like in lots of movies. Apperently, my school was at war with another, over, who knows what. We were eating lunch when the principal showed up on the screen. Except, he didn't look like a principal, because he wasn't wearing a shirt and tie, but a general's uniform. He told us the other school was attacking and we needed to get ready because they were flying over here in their planes ( which didn't make much sense because they were stationed on the otherisde of the road). My friend (pebbles) couldn't find anything that would do anything good, so she grabbed a orange water-gun. This guy sitting at the table across from us grabbed an old was war cannon from several hundred years ago. We went went out onto the "school" parking lot, which strangely was covered in lush, green grass, pink flowers, and whate bunny rabbits that looked like they had jumped out of a magician's hat. Then the guy with the cannon pulled the trigger, and the cannon ball flew off into the fields (KA-BOOM!). There was the other school's army, huddeled behind the remains of the scenery. Then pebbles squirted him with her water gun. "Why did ya have to do that!" " you wanted to know where they were, didn't you?" "not really" ahe said, and squirted him again. Then I woke up.

Green tip: if you and your friend are doing something together-carpool to save gas.

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