Saturday, April 4, 2009


So, yesterday @ school we had to do skits after stories from greek mythology. I had the story of king midas, which goes like this. King Midas helps the father of Dyinisis (sorry 4 the misspelling) (god of wine) so he grants the king one wish. He foolishly wishes that everything he touched turned to gold, unfortuneitly this included his food, so he askes Dyonises to take his wish back. There was one group who did the story of pandora, a lady made by the gods to get revenge on this one guy for bring fire to humans. There were two people in that group that had multiple nametags stacked on top of eachother. It was funny because first of all they had the "Hello my name is..." and secondly because they all fell off. Then there was the story of heracules or as we say hercules. As you know he defeated and killed many beasts. They were only a 3 person group, so one person had to be all the monsters. Now, this was very funny because he didn't know what any of the animals were, so he had to ask every single time. Then, "Hercules" pushed the "king" into the guy who was the monsters and they tumbeled to the floor. Everyone started to laugh, incluging the teacher (!) as a few moans came from the pile of people.

Sorry that was so long people!!
Some things are just hard to summarize!!

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